NEW! Slotted chain for EURO-flex 195 - ideal for avoiding product deposits on conveyor technology

Where in practice the application of products to the plastic chains is unavoidable (e.g. filling process of fine-grained bulk material into bags), the aim is to remove the excess product mass from the conveyor system as quickly as possible.

This prevents increased wear and damage to the conveyor chain and conveyor system over the long term, especially with highly abrasive products.

For this application euroflex now offers an effective and proven solution for conveyor systems at:

  • EURO-flex 195 chain with slotted surface allows excess quantities of product to fall through
  • In combination with the open EURO-flex 195 stainless steel chassis without slide rails, quick removal from the conveyor system is possible
  • The slotted chain can be alternately combined with standard chain links, adhesive coatings and carriers as required

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