NEW! New generation of side guide holders and support brackets

From now on all new euroflex conveyor systems will be equipped with our revised lateral guide holders (fixed and adjustable), support brackets, clamps and profile foot attachments.

The revised articles can also be ordered as conveyor components.

Significant advantages over the previous generation:

  • Hygienic design in stainless steel with radii and bevels to minimise possible dirt deposits
  • Improved ergonomics during adjustment (adjustable side guide holder)
  • Smaller footprint with the same functionality (profile foot)

Of course, all parts can be integrated into existing conveyor systems due to the modular design of the EURO-flex plastic chain conveyor system.

Furthermore, the previous versions of conveyor components will continue to be available from stock as components and spare parts during the transition period.

For more details, technical data and drawings, please browse our online/PDF catalogues or contact us directly by phone and e-mail.