NEW! Magnetic chain in two versions for the EURO-flex 85 system

A defined vertical transport, transport without lateral guidance or efficient handling of pucks and workpiece carriers:

Now possible with our newly developed and now available magnetic chain.

The chain for the EURO-flex 85 conveyor systems has a width of 82.3 mm is available in two versions:

Variant 1: Smooth chain | 3 magnetic inserts

  • POM chain, brown with 3 disc magnets
  • Smooth surface | No deposition of metal dust possible
  • Ideal for applications without heavy stress on the chain surface by the transported goods, e.g. tinplate cans, plastic pucks with metal insert, etc.

Variant 2: Chain with stainless steel plate | 4 magnetic inserts

  • POM chain, white with 4 disc magnets
  • Surface reinforced with stainless steel plate
  • Holding force increased again
  • Ideal for applications with increased stress on the chain surface by the transported material, e.g. cast, milled, stamped parts in production, bearings, metal workpiece carriers, etc.

Both chain variants can be combined with the EURO-flex 85 plastic chain conveyor system in both aluminium and stainless steel design.

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